Written Testimonials

I had tried many chiropractors over the last several year and nothing helped my lower back.  A co-worker had given me Dr. Amy's card.  Dr. Amy has a gentle approach and she also helped me with my nutrition.  The adjustments were so effective!  I felt better than ever.  I love the fact that she stays current with new education for her patients.  I had hurt my knee a few years back and went to see my primary MD.  He wanted me to have a knee replacement surgery.  Well it took almost a year but with Dr Amy helping me, giving me regular adjustments, I did not have to have that surgery.  I can walk so much better and can keep up with my grandson.  I feel great!  I'll never to to another chiropractor again. Thank you Dr. Amy for giving me my life back.  Renate from New Holstein

I am 84 years of age and enjoy staying active.  I can't do this without the help of my chiropractor Dr. Amy Endru.  I walk an hour per day with my dog, thanks to Dr. Amy and I have the flexibility and energy I need to keep up with my pet!  I attribute my good health to chiropractic care for over 50 years.  I always enjoy my visit with Dr. Amy.  She is so helpful, loving and pleasant to be around, and the staff always make me feel welcomed.  Thank you Dr. Amy. Nona Lee from Sheboygan

I am a new mom again and after experiencing some colicky episodes with my two week old baby girl I decided to bring her in to get checked by Dr. Endru.  She found a misalignment in the mid-back that directly affects digestion.  She also noticed that my baby had a hiatel hernia.  She performed a gentle technique pull her stomach down.  My baby is happy and carefree now. Second time Mother from Sheboygan

I have been coming to Dr. Amy Endru for chronic pain and she has been very helpful.  I would recommend Dr. Amy to everyone who is seeking chiropractic care. Barry from Sheboygan

Dr. Endru is always growing her knowledge about the body and how it works.  She cares for her patients, I am handicapped so she comes to my home to do all her treatments. Ted from Sheboygan

Dr. Amy Endru has been my chiropractor for 5+ years.  I came to her with an injured shoulder because of a fall I had taken.  After just a short time it was 100% back to normal.  She has taught me to understand my body and how to take better care of it.  She is a kind, caring and compassionate person with incredible knowledge.  I am so happy to have her as my chiropractor and would highly recommend her. Sharon from Manitowoc

​Since I have been coming to Dr. Endru I have less back pain.  I sleep better and have more energy.  I feel more healthier now then before I came to Dr. Endru. Kay from Sheboygan

I went to Dr Amy in Late December 2013. I had never been to a Chiropractor before. I had lower back pain that made it difficult to walk, sit, or even lie down. It was affecting my work, and my ability to sleep. Within a week, her treatments had removed much of the discomfort, and within 2-3 weeks I was able to walk around virtually “pain free”. We continued sessions until I moved to Florida in Mid February. I believe that Dr Amy is a practitioner that has a compassion for her patients. She takes on the entire person, not just the specific issue. She recommends things that will help you internally as well as externally.
I hope to be able to find a Chiropractor in Florida that would have Dr Amy’s ability and understanding. She has made me a “believer” in Chiropractic treatment.  Gerald from Sheboygan

After being adjusted for the first time at SCP I felt refreshed and renewed. The next five games I had after that I scored in double digits, was the high-scorer, and had over 17 steals combined. Practicing my shot I made 76 for 100 three pointers during one day, at one point 17 in a row.

I attribute my athletic improvement to chiropractic care. I would recommend all athletes to get adjusted. It will improve your game! Gabe from Sheboygan