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Dr. Jordan has done a fantastic job treating my daughter and I. He takes his time to understand your pain points and sets a realistic treatment plan. Between muscle work , stretching and adjustments he has accomplished helping balance my pain. As for my daughter (11 years old) she feels 100% comfortable with him and has enjoyed her visits. Office hours are accommodating and scheduling visits are easy due to the flexible schedule Dr. Jordan offers.


Dr. Jordan Teunissen is incredible at what he does. He was quickly able to diagnosis and throughly explain what was causing my back and shoulder pain. Within a few sessions he had all of my pain issues resolved and showed me techniques to prevent the same issue from happening again. He truly cares about his patience and is shows in his work and attitude. I highly recommend him to anyone who is experiencing discomfort and want to get it resolved for good!


I have never met with a chiropractor that cares as much about their patient’s life and well-being in the way that Jordan does. Jordan is incredibly knowledgeable, thorough, and compassionate from the get-go, and he is highly-skilled and gifted in his craft. He is devoted to finding the underlying cause of pain; not simply treating the symptoms. For these and many other reasons, I wouldn’t recommend any other chiropractor. I’m telling you, if you’re nervous or have any apprehension, just give him a call. I honestly feel like your health is his main priority. Thank you, Jordan!

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