Meet The Doctor

Amy Endru D.C.

I am very passionate about chiropractic neurology and the body’s amazing ability to heal, repair and regenerate.  I utilize a chiropractic spinal analysis and adjusting technique called “Functional Analysis Chiropractic Technique (FACT).”  FACT technique is gentle touch and light thrusting by hand or instruments to the nervous system to better integrate neurology throughout the spinal cord and brain.  Functional Analysis utilizes your breathing and how you walk to determine the most appropriate places to treat, not just where the pain resides.

But truly reconnecting the body and your brain is the main goal.  Your spinal corrections do not stop once you get off the table.  They continue as you breathe and move.  You may notice that you hear a click or popping sound in your spine later on the same day after the FACT adjustment.  That’s your body realigning and correcting its own subluxations.  The functional analysis works by increasing appropriate sensory input into patient’s central nervous systems painlessly and effectively.  It leads to profound neurological changes that benefit everyone - no matter what symptom or level of health they are currently experiencing.

Sheboygan Chiropractic Plus mission is to provide specific Chiropractic Neurology Adjusting with spinal rehabilitation/fitness along with diet /nutrition and detoxification.  At Sheboygan Chiropractic Plus we come along side of you and guide you on your journey to optimal health. Our office is vastu remediated and EMF free, making it a safe and comfortable environment for healing.  Along with a professional and friendly staff here to serve you.