Gate and Breathing training

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Regularly practicing breathing exercises helps you to pay attention to the status of your body and the body’s systems. It encourages mindfulness and can be a good tool to use for pain management and healing.

The Gate breathing practices originate in Eastern healing modalities such as Qi gong.

This breathing technique can be done while you are sitting down or standing. Do normal breathing through your nose and use abdominal breathing. This means instead of shallow breathing in the chest, you expand and contract your diaphragm and your stomach.

When using this technique, you will visualize and use energy centers throughout your body. This helps you to stimulate energy flow throughout your body.

Another benefit of using the gate breathing technique is that it can help to remove stagnate energy in the body.

Stagnate energy can cause pain, inflammation, stiffness, and loss of quality. By moving the blood and energy with the breath, it is one step to take to help promote the body to heal itself.

Gate and Breathing Training

Breathing can stimulate your well-being and be one of the first steps you can take for better healing. Altering your rate of breathing can change the state of your mind and lift your mood. Breathing more slowly can help to relax you. Breathing faster will also help you to be more energized. 

Timing your breathing and cycles will help you to develop a rhythm. Increase your alertness and your vitality using these breathing techniques. You may also have an invigorating effect after practicing your breathing technique.

Advantages of Breathing Techniques

Breathing techniques require no tools to use. They can be practiced by virtually anyone, anywhere. People of all ages and ability levels have excellent results with breathing exercises. Some can serve as natural tranquilizers for an anxious nervous system, while others can help you build your entire fire and give you the strength you need to recover. Gate and Breathing training helps you to be empowered and build a foundation to heal yourself from the inside out. Contact Sheboygan Chiropractic Plus today for a consultation with our doctors and learn our breathing techniques that have their roots in traditional medicine. You can call us at 920-208-7000.