Chiropractic Neurology

Dr.JordanTeunissen is a Board Eligible Chiropractic Neurologist.  A Chiropractic Neurologist is defined as someone who provides the same manner of consultation as a medical neurologist with the major difference being that the therapies and application are performed without the use of drugs or surgery.

Once Dr.Teunissen confirms her diagnosis, she assesses the functions that are lost or impaired resulting from the neurological affliction.  A neurological rehabilitation plan is created to bring back or improve lost function.

Treatment with Chiropractic Neurology uses reflexes to help activate parts of the brain that have been damaged or aren't functioning properly.  Rather than drugs or surgery, Dr.Teunissen will implement tactics that utilize reflexes that exist within the nervous system to improve or restore impaired function.

Diagnoses we assist in the treatment of Chiropractic Neurology:  ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, Depression, MS, Parkinson's, Stroke and so much more.